I became a percussionist because I love to dance: With the drum kit and the percussions I feel that I am dancing in the music!!”


...is a versatile percussionist currently based in Helsinki. With her background in different music styles: flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Finnish folk music, European pop etc. she is a master to combine different styles and form hybrids. She creates new while respecting the traditions. At the moment she is working with her solo project and playing in bands/projects such as Gasthaus Orkesteri, LØYLY-orcestra, KÄRES-trio and Batácora.

📸 Jari Flinck, Emmi Vainio costume


...brings to life with her music Finnish spell poems that have cured diseases and madness; banished witches and bent gods only 100 years ago. Musically, she moves in the borderland of David Lynch - and David Bowie - influences, folk music and scenic influences. Behind PX3 Kauppila is Pauliina Kauppila, a respected percussionist and adolescent psychiatrist, who combines these two sides of her into her album The Hanged Maid. The Hanged Maid highlights the endemic inequality in our society, and presents perspectives on individual autonomy. The album discusses our very human need to find solutions and to nurture. The album was released in all digital streaming services, as an official vinyl and promoCD 17.5.2024.

📸 Kulttuuriareena Gloria

📸 Unknown

Kauppila graduated 2018 as Master of Music (Nordic Master of Global Music-programme: Royal Academy of Music School Aarhus (DK) and Sibelius Academy (FIN).